GTOUCH SDN BHD | About the company
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About the company

Gtouch provide the young technology designers a platform to perform their ideas to Singapore Venture Capitalist for possible funding and commercialization

Gtouch playing a role of “agency” to cultivate young designers to “show off” their idea to prudential Venture Capitalist and shape them to be the technological entrepreneurs

Our Mission

To provide a platform where angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, digital inventors and creative minds are able to provide and obtain funding to build the future.

Our Vision

GTouch is looking to build a future where the new generation of digital inventors, entrepreneurs, and creative minds have the means to finance their inventions and projects in order to become knowledgeable skilled-based Technopreneurs.

Our Business

GTouch is a platform which brings together angel investors, venture capitalists and tech-based startups (agritech, biotech, fintech etc). We thoroughly vet all of our stakeholders and work closely with both parties to ensure the success of their projects while also guaranteeing exceptional ROIs.

Our History

Helmed by CEO and founder Darren Ng, GTouch is looking to build up a new generation of investors, thinkers and entrepreneurs. Having been involved in the IT industry for more than 20 years and armed with a formidable network of contacts, Darren Ng and GTouch have helped countless numbers of startups and inventors obtain the funding needed to bring their projects to life.

Our Core Values

i. Sustainability

Sustainability and steady long-term returns are essential for any project to be successful. By building upon this belief, GTouch aims to safeguard the interests of both venture capitalists and start-ups.

ii. Innovation

By opening the door for potential inventors and Technopreneurs, we at GTouch hope to inculcate a desire for success and a yearning for innovation in the minds of the new generation.

iii. Integrity & Honesty

Most important of all, we at GTouch place integrity and honesty above everything else. We believe that by growing together with our stakeholders, we can make the world a better place.

Our Philosophy

We believe in growing together with our stakeholders (venture capitalists) and we do this by ensuring exceptional ROIs via the timely execution of projects.

Our Competitive Advantage

As part of our value structure, GTouch is dedicated to ensuring that the interests of our venture capitalists are protected. What this means is that both investors and investee are thoroughly vetted by our panel of independent professionals, thus eliminating the risks of moral hazard, etc.

Being an agency that is dedicated to creating value, we work with all of our stakeholders individually to best suit their needs. Instead of being a faceless body, our friendly team will always be on-site to help.