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Do you have a lot of IDEA? But there is no money to implement?

Then this will be your only chance!

This is open to all Malaysian e-commerce, new ventures, small and medium-sized enterprises are eligible to apply, you only need Idea! Have you ever thought that your idea has the potential to dominate the market? It’s like GrabCar!

Our Mission

To provide a platform where angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, digital inventors

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Our Vision

GTouch is looking to build a future where the new generation of digital inventors, entrepreneurs, and creative minds

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Our Business

GTouch is a platform which brings together angel investors, venture capitalists and tech-based startups

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Our Company History

Helmed by CEO and founder Darren Ng, GTouch is looking to build up a new generation of investors, thinkers and entrepreneurs. Having been involved in the IT industry for more than 20 years and armed with a formidable network of contacts, Darren Ng and GTouch have helped countless numbers of startups and inventors obtain the funding needed to bring their projects to life.

This is a ” borrowing ” era!



borrow wisdom

Leverage, borrow a company that has more capital and resources than you to help you succeed

If you stand on the wind, you will take off and take advantage of the wisdom.

Then you ” borrowed “?


Professional, online

Start-up, entrepreneurial dream catcher

Boss, small and medium enterprises

Singapore VC Seed Venture Fund Seminar

What is the VC Venture Seed Fund?

The application amount is from SGD 200K – 500K

how to apply?

How to ``three borrow`` VCs?

What are the conditions for VCs?

Why do VCs invest in your Idea?

What are the investment requirements for VCs?

What industries are VCs interested in investing in?



The Cannes 2018 & Official ``Excellence in Quality Project`` Oxford, UK

2018 2nd Brilliant Achievements of Outstanding Awards - The Best Startup Service Provider

Finalist of JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian